A Sunrise Elsewhere (2013)

flute, vibraphone, and viola

A Sunrise Elsewhere is an attempt to characterize the sky’s continuous transformation during dawn and dusk.
The title references the fact that each sunset is simultaneously a sunrise in another location – accordingly, the piece is a palindrome with respect to form and harmony (A‐B‐C‐B’‐A’).

The piece begins with all three voices in equally emerging roles. The flute then has soloistic material over a harmonic line in the vibraphone and viola that gradually increases in rhythmic activity. The three voices become furiously intertwined and then switch roles – the viola takes on an affected and dramatic lyricism while the flute and
vibraphone continue the harmonic line, this time progressively subsiding. The piece ends in reverse with
regard to how it began – receding into the distance.

The title can also be taken to represent a strange alien sunrise taking place on a distant planet.

duration: c. 4'

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