Migration Miniatures (2014)

flute, alto saxophone, and cello

This piece is a seven-movement suite of scenes, inspired by my solo road trip from Bloomington, Indiana to Los Angeles, California.

I. Departure
"Excitement. Restlessly churning thoughts. Hills. Lots of hills."

II. Grand Island
"Serene, peaceful fields. Hay bales. Low-angle sunlight illuminating swaying blades of reedgrass."

III. North Platte
"A raging thunderstorm looms in the distance."

IV. Interlude - Microsleep
"No cars. No lights. Need more caffeine."

V. Downgrade
"Careening precariously towards Salt Lake City."

VI. Canyons
"Majesty. Awe. Reverence."

VII. Arrival
"How to drive in Los Angeles."


duration: c. 12'30"

commissioned by the Taos Chamber Music Group

{score excerpts}